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Gong 53 cms

Gong 53 cms

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Beautiful, Nepalese gong measuring 53 cms in diameter and approx 4 kgs. Gongs can be used during meditation or in sound healing and relaxation sessions, and have a history dating back to more than 4000 years ago in ancient China.  

This particular gong features traditional Buddhist motifs including the compassion mantra, flaming jewel and wisdom eyes. The gong is practical and of an ideal size and can be easily carried around. It is perfect for home or the studio with a soothing sound that cannot be forgotten. 

Like our singing bowls, this gong too has a fundamental note and various overtones and healing frequencies. It comes with a free ball mallet to strike and play. Please note that a stand is not included with this gong.  

Please note that this gong comes with a free striking ball mallet. BYO Stand  



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