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7 Chakra Compassion Singing Bowl - Base note F# 94 Hz

7 Chakra Compassion Singing Bowl - Base note F# 94 Hz

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This bowl is sold as a gift set and include a free cushion, ball mallet and XL ringing mallet.

This is one of our newer singing bowls and has been hand picked after hearing its deep and harmonious tones. Hand hammered by skilled Nepalese artisans, the bowl has been etched with the Buddha of Compassion's mantra (Om Mani Padme Hung) in Sanskrit on the outer walls. This mantra helps transform the mind and heart, whilst cultivating compassion.

At the inner centre of the bowl is the picture of a meditator in lotus position with the 7 chakra symbols. A number of geometric cosmic mandalas surround him. At the bottom of the bowl is the symbol of ''sri yantra'' representing opposing and balancing forces (yin and yang). 

The vibrations from this bowl are joyful, powerful and strong. This makes it versatile and suitable for meditation, healing, yoga and mantra recitation.

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  • Base note - Fa#(F#) 94 Hz
  • High note - Re (D) 292 Hz
  • Diameter: 31.5 cms, Height 13.5 cms
  • Weight: 2.453 kgs
  • Chakra: Heart and Sacral chakras


Video: Playing the Bowl

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