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Small Damaru - Nepalese Arnak Wood

Small Damaru - Nepalese Arnak Wood

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This beautiful damaru has been crafted by a former monk in Nepal, following all the requirements of this sacred instrument. It features mantras that have been carefully placed on the inside of the drum shell. The skin used in this particular drum is trin pag (cloud skin). Goat skin is treated with minerals and herbs and then buried underground, giving it a distinct tone and character. The outer shell is made from high quality Himalayan wood (arnak). This Damaru comes as a set, ready to play with a handle and tail, as well as a carry bag.

The Damaru is often used in Buddhist rituals as a sound offering.  Its hourglass shape and resonating drumheads, signifies the union of wisdom and compassion - the very essence of Buddhist enlightenment. It is often paired with the bell and vajra during Buddhist prayer and rituals.

Item Specifications

  • Shell: Arnak (Himalayan wood species) 
  • Skin: Cloud Skin (goat)
  • Skin Diameter: 9 cms long, 11cms wide. Damaru is 6 cms tall.
  • Made in Nepal by a former monk
  • Comes ready to play, with a free case for safe keeping and transport
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