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Golden Ultabati Bowl - A 111 Hz

Golden Ultabati Bowl - A 111 Hz

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This year, we managed to source some old and rare Ultabati singing bowls. These caldron like bowls are magnificent and intriguing in appearance. They have a wide, grooved rim on the top and gently curve towards the bottom. Ultabati bowls have a low sound like our Compassion or Serenity Bowls. However, these are lighter in weight, making them very popular in sound healing.

This particular bowl has a lovely bronze patina with a few surface level pores at the base of the bowl, which is perfectly normal for a bowl of this age and make. It rings beautifully when struck with the palm or even a closed fist. It is also very responsive when rubbed with a leather mallet. Overtones are well balanced.

This bowl is sold as a gift set with a free hardwood leather mallet, ball mallet and a ring cushion.

Item Specifications

  • Fundamental Note: La (A) 111 Hz
  • High Note: Re# (D#) 318 Hz
  • Diameter: 23.5 cms, Height 12.5 cms
  • Weight: 935g

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