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Low and Deep Gong with Stand

Low and Deep Gong with Stand

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This gong was hand picked by us as we were immediately drawn to its low sound, multiple overtones and rich soundscape. This is everything a good, modern gong should be. It comes with a free stand built at our own workshop in Nepal. A ball mallet is provided with this item.

Beautiful, Nepalese gong measuring 60 cms in diameter and 3.8 kgs. Gongs can be used during meditation or in sound healing and relaxation sessions, and have a history dating back to more than 4000 years ago in ancient China.  

This particular gong is practical and of an ideal size that can be easily carried around. It is perfect for home or the studio with a deep and powerful sound that cannot be forgotten. It comes with a handmade and painted stand that is sturdy and made from hardwood.

Like our singing bowls, this gong too has a fundamental note and various overtones and healing frequencies. It comes with a free ball mallet to strike and play. Please note that a free stand is included with this gong.

Note that screws on the gong stand are optional as the stand itself is sturdy enough without. When placing screws, make sure that you do this in a straight line to avoid the wood splitting.

Video: Playing the Gong


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