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Green Tara and Compassion Mantra Mandala

Green Tara and Compassion Mantra Mandala

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This beautiful original painting is of fine art quality and has been created by master painters from Nepal. This painting features the Buddhist deity Green Tara in the middle as the primary object of visualisation and focus. She is surrounded by the compassion mantra Om Mani Padme Hung which extends radially outwards and is surrounded by lotus petals in an abstract golden pattern. All text is in the Tibetan script. 

The great mother Tara helps to free from all kinds of suffering, fear and instability of the mind, the Mandala of Tara is a great idea to start setting up your own altar at home, a small corner for meditation of peace and beauty that helps to increase your energy level and remove obstacles and interference of all kinds.

Green Tara represents feminine energy, her name means "great liberating mother" her characteristic is to bring help quickly, which is why she is represented as a woman in the lotus position, but with her right foot stretched forward, ready to rush. 

Repeating her mantra immediately brings a strong sense of relaxation to the body and mind. One feels as though welcomed by one's own Divine mother experiencing a sense of belonging that gives peace and joy. 21 is the number of Tara which manifests itself in 21 different emanations, so she is advised to recite her mantra for at least 21 times before you can begin to appreciate the great benefits she brings.


Item Specifications

  • Material: Paint, Natural mineral pigment, gold on cotton (UNFRAMED)
  • Size (Canvas): 53 X 53 cms
  • Painted Area Size: 46 x 46 cms
  • Painted by master thangka painters in Nepal 
  • BYO Picture Frame
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