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Head Therapy Bowl - D2 72 Hz

Head Therapy Bowl - D2 72 Hz

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This singing bowl has been specifically developed for working with the head in a sound healing session. The feeling is that of being enveloped in the bowl's deep resonance when it is placed on the head and struck lightly with a ball mallet. Please listen to the SoundCloud HD audio recording below to get a feel for the bowl's deep and rich soundscape.  Many practitioners also like to use another large bowl at the heart or throat chakra to multiply this sound leading to even more powerful vibrations.

Our head therapy bowls have a low sound and thinner walls, making them relatively lighter. They sound best when struck with a ball mallet, which brings out the lower fundamental. 

These bowls are also versatile and can also be used as part of a set or just by themselves. They are also ideal for mantra recitation, yoga, healing and relaxation. Please note that this bowl comes with a free ringing stick, cushion and a ball mallet. 

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Item Specifications

  • Base note - D2 72 Hz
  • High note -G#3 206 Hz
  • Diameter: 28.5 cms, Height: 12 cms
  • Weight: 1978 g
  • Chakras: Sacral and Throat chakras

HD Audio (Please Use Headphones)

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