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Head Therapy Bowl - F 85 Hz

Head Therapy Bowl - F 85 Hz

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This bowl has been specifically developed for working with the head in a sound healing session. Such bowls have a low sound and thinner walls, making them relatively lighter. They sound best when struck with a ball mallet, which brings out the lower fundamental.

These bowls are also versatile and can also be used as part of a set or just by themselves. They are also ideal for mantra recitation, yoga, healing and relaxation. Please note that this bowl comes with a free ringing stick, cushion and a ball mallet. 

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Item Specifications

  • Base note - Fa (F) 85 Hz
  • High note - Si (B) 248 Hz
  • Diameter: 28 cms, Height: 12 cms
  • Weight: 2345 g
  • Chakras: Heart and Third Eye chakras


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