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Mahakala Phurba (Ritual Dagger)

Mahakala Phurba (Ritual Dagger)

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A Phurba is a ceremonial dagger used in various Buddhist and Bon rituals. It usually features three triangular sides making the blade which signifies the three poisons of attachment, desire and aversion.

A Phurba in the hands of a true Dharma practitioner is therefore a tool that helps cut through such delusions and other obstacles towards gaining enlightenment. 

This Mahakala Phurba ritual dagger is carefully handcrafted in Nepal by a Tibetan family, harnessing the powerful sacred energy of Buddhist and Bon rituals. Built to last with solid iron, copper and brass, it is the perfect tool for spiritual healing and protection.

Item Specifications

Length: 25 cms

Weight: 600 g

Material: Iron, Copper and Brass.

This phurba comes with a wodden stand as shown in the image. 

Hand made in Nepal by a Tibetan family. 

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