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Medium Lingam Singing Bowl (Base Note B 245 Hz)

Medium Lingam Singing Bowl (Base Note B 245 Hz)

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Lingam singing bowls are special and prized by collectors everywhere. This new bowl is solid and has a flat base with a lingam (protrusion) that signifies the union of the male and female energies. The sound is pure, resonating and powerful, given its relatively small size. Like all our bowls, lingam bowls are hand hammered by skilled craftsmen in the Himalaya.

Vibrations from this bowl are strong and powerful. The overtones and fundamental note are in harmony with one another, making it very versatile.

This lingam bowl is sold as a gift set with a free cushion, ball mallet and ringing stick.

Item Specs:

  • Base note - Si (B) 245 Hz
  • High note - Fa (F) 697 Hz
  • Diameter: 18.3 cms, Height: 7.5 cms 
  • Weight: 891 g
  • Chakras: Crown and Heart chakras

High Quality Sound Sample

Video: Playing the Bowl

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