Old 'Tara' Singing Bowl - Base Note G# (209 Hz)

Old 'Tara' Singing Bowl - Base Note G# (209 Hz)

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Timeless and - Tara Singing Bowl (Base Note G#)

Hand hammered and timeless pieces made by skilled artisans from the Himalayan region. Our old 'Tara' singing bowls have been hand picked and are made from an alloy of 7 metals i.e. gold (sun), silver (moon), copper (venus), iron (mars), tin (jupiter), mercury (mercury) and lead (saturn). They have been used as tools for meditation and relaxation and are amongst the best value bowls we stock.

Item Specs:

  • Base note - Sol# (G#), 209 Hz
  • High note - Re# (D#), 612 Hz
  • Diameter: 18 cms, Height: 9 cms
  • Weight: 675g
  • Chakra: Third Eye and Sacral

Sound Sample and Video

All our singing bowls are provided as is and comes with a free playing mallet.

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