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Original Medicine Buddha Thangka

Original Medicine Buddha Thangka

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Thangkas are Himalayan paintings that depict various Buddhist deities as described in the canonical texts. This beautiful Thangka painting features the Medicine Buddha, who can easily be identified by his blue body. It has been painted in Nepal by an experienced artist and mounted on brocade. The colours are vibrant with great attention to detail shown in the work. 

The embodiment of healing and well-being, Medicine Buddha, also known as Bhaisajyaguru, offers solace and hope to those seeking physical and emotional restoration. Traditionally depicted with a lapis lazuli blue body, he radiates the calming energy of healing. In his hands, he holds a medicine pot and a medicinal plant (Aru), symbolizing his dedication to alleviating suffering.

Medicine Buddha's twelve great vows, taken upon achieving enlightenment, pledge his unwavering support to all beings struggling with illness and disease. He guides them towards well-being and encourages them to cultivate compassion and wisdom on their journey to ultimate healing. By practicing devotion and reciting his mantra, many devotees seek Medicine Buddha's blessings for themselves and loved ones, finding solace in his unwavering compassion.

Item Specifications

  • Painted canvas size: 32 X 25 cms (length x width)
  • Mount (brocade) size: 84 X 60 cms (length x width)
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