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Remuna Singing Bowl - Base note A (219 hz)

Remuna Singing Bowl - Base note A (219 hz)

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Remuna singing bowls have a simple build and can be identified by their thin walls, flat base and curving centre. These bowls have been hand-hammered by skilled artisans from the Himalayan region. Inscriptions and artwork are kept to a minimum, although some artists choose to have their initials or 'brand mark' on them. Their lightness and powerful tones make them very popular for sound healing, yoga and meditation.

Item Specs:

  • Base note - La (A), 219 Hz
  • High note - Re# (D#), 608 Hz
  • Diameter: 16.5 cms, Height: 7.5 cms
  • Weight: 443 g
  • Chakra: Third Eye and Sacral chakras

Sound Sample and Video

All our singing bowls are provided as is and come with a free playing mallet.
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