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Silver Moon Bowl - E 165 Hz (NEW)

Silver Moon Bowl - E 165 Hz (NEW)

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This bowl is sold as a gift set and comes with a ball mallet, hardwood striking mallet and cushion. 

New to Tibet Shop Sydney. Our Moon bowls are plated with silver and beautiful to see, hold and play. These new bowls are distinguished by their long sustain and vibrant overtones. Such bowls are forged and beaten during the full moon according to an ancient Nepalese tradition with the belief that doing so could harness the special energy of the moon. The symbol for long life and Compassion mantra appear on the outer wall of the ball. 

This bowl is solid and heavy when held, but yet easy enough to be played and activated by a beginner. As such this bowl is versatile and can be used for meditation, mantra/kirtan and healing.

Note: Please do not nest this bowl directly on to other bowls to preserve its silver plating. 

Item Specifications

  • Base Note: Mi (E) 165 Hz
  • High Note: La# (A#) 479 Hz
  • Size: 21 cms diameter, 10 cms high
  • Weight: 1063g
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus and Third Eye

High Quality Sound Sample - Single Strike and Sustain


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