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Silver Sri Yantra Mandala

Silver Sri Yantra Mandala

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This original canvas painting features the Shri Yantra symbol in silver.

The Yantra is a very important symbol in Vedic philosophy and is made of nine triangles overlapping one another. The triangles that point upwards represent the destroyer Shiva and the masculine form, whilst the triangles that point downwards represent the divine feminine form of Shakti. 

This mandala is often used by meditators as a visual cue and to reach higher states of consciousness. 

Item Specifications

  • Material: Paint, Natural mineral pigment, gold on cotton (UNFRAMED)
  • Size (Canvas): 55 X 55 cms
  • Painted Area Size: 48 x 48 cms
  • Painted by master thangka painters in Nepal 
  • BYO Picture Frame
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