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Tingsha Space Clearing Bells

Tingsha Space Clearing Bells

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Mini Buddhist Cymbals for Prayer and Healing

Tingshas are a pair of small cymbals that are used in Buddhist prayers and rituals as a sound offering to hungry ghosts (yidag) of the lower realms. These instruments have recently been adopted by yogis and sound healers and are often featured in meditation and healing. Tingshas are usually struck against one another to produce a clear, powerful and cleansing sound. 

They are usually made from bronze and are handcrafted by skilled artisans in the Himalayan region. Our tingshas are very well made with great sound, weight and crafstmanship. They have the sacred purification mantra Om Ah Hung inscribed on the inside. Due to their limited availability, we only currently have 5 such tingshas in stock (October 2018).

Item Specifications:

  • Weight: 380g approx per pair
  • Diameter: 7.8 cms 

Sound Sample and Video

Our tingshas come with a free cotton pouch/bag for storage.

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