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Unusual Vase Singing Bowl - B 253

Unusual Vase Singing Bowl - B 253

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This unusual collector’s singing bowl was acquired by us and unreleased till now. We were struck by its unique shape and form. The bowl is in excellent condition with a beautiful golden patina. Old bowls like these are intriguing with many believing that such bowls might have been previously used for mundane purposes such as storing grain and water.

The bowl works best when struck with a wooden mallet but can also be sounded by rubbing. The bowl has a flat bottom and comfortably rests in the palm of your hand. 

Item Specifications

  • Fundamental Note: Si (B) 253 Hz
  • High Note: Fa (F) 713 Hz
  • Diameter:  15.5 cms, Height: 10 cms
  • Weight:  565 g
  • Chakras: Crown and Heart Chakras

High Quality Sound Sample

Playing the Bowl: Video

This bowl comes with a free ringing mallet of suitable size.
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