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Vibrant Compassion Mantra Mandala #3

Vibrant Compassion Mantra Mandala #3

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Our finest Mantra Mandala Painting Ever

In September 2022, we were lucky enough to come across and source a series of high quality mantra mandala paintings. We were absolutely blown away by the finesse and quality of writing, and how fine each mantra brushstroke was.

These unique mandalas feature a minimal colour palette and the compassion mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hung’ repeated throughout in a circular pattern. At the centre of the mandala is the sacred syllable Om in Tibetan script, serving as a focal point for meditation. This beautiful work of art is sure to lift any office, home or studio space with its vibrant and positive energy. 

Item Specifications:

  • Size (Canvas): 40 x 40 cms 
  • Painted Area Size: 34 x 34 cms
  • Unframed. BYO Frame
  • Paint and gold pigment on cotton canvas.
  • Hand painted by master thangka artists in Nepal.
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