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White Tara Thangka Pendant

White Tara Thangka Pendant

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This beautiful miniature thangka pendant features the Buddhist deity Tara in White form.

White Tara embodies the maternal compassion of Buddhism. She is revered for her healing touch, both physical and mental. White Tara, radiating pure white light, embodies boundless compassion. Her seven eyes represent her omniscient wisdom, enabling her to see all suffering and guide beings towards healing. Three eyes grace her face - the central one symbolizing the unity of truth. Her remaining eyes, one each in her palms and feet, represent her every action overflowing with wisdom and compassion. This powerful image reminds us that White Tara sees and cares for all beings, offering protection and solace on their journey.

White Tara is especially beloved in Tibetan Buddhism, where she is seen as a protector against illness and a bringer of longevity.

Item Specifications:

  • Pendant Size: 5.5 cms (long) x 4.3 cms (wide) appprox.
  • Original miniature thangka painting
  • Made in Nepal
  • Cord included (as pictured)
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