5 Minutes of Singing Bowl Bliss

5 Minutes of Singing Bowl Bliss

Dear Friends,

I am very excited to share with you a 5 minute singing bowl concert to relax and let go, featuring just 5 of our old and new singing bowls.


This recording was made at home with the simplest of technology. The recording features the following bowls:

  • Set of 3 Mani Bowls: Mani Bowls are old singing bowls that are solid and heavy but ring with a high and sweet tone. They make perfect striking bowls, as some can take a fair bit of practice to rub and sound. The 3 bowls used in the recording were acquired during different times and it’s just a sheer co-incidence that they happen to work so well together
  • Ultabalti Bowl: I chose one of our Ultabalti bowls for this recording due it’s deep, gong-like sound. It seemed to provide a really good background drone and complimented the 3 mani bowls very well, AND
  • 1 X 23 cms Contemporary Bowl: Finally, I chose a contemporary bowl which was slightly off in harmonising with the other bowls chosen. My intention was to create a certain amount of dissonance, but yet make it pleasurable when heard with the other bowls being played

The bowls were all played with just 1 hardwood mallet and 1 ball mallet.

We hope you enjoy the recording and recommend listening with headphones on.  


PS: Recordings of our old and current special singing bowls are available on our SoundCloud account @TibetShopSydney.


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