Collection: Contemporary Flow Singing Bowls

Perfect for Relaxation and Healing

Our Contemporary bowls are perfect for the beginner and those that are starting their singing bowl journey. These new bowls have been hand hammered and polished by skilled Himalayan artisans. Responsive when played and with a long sustain, these bowls have a clear 'voice' with distinct overtones and powerful vibrations. They are responsive to touch and have a long decay. These bowls also present the best value for money among the bowls we stock and must be heard to be believed. They are suitable for yoga, meditation, deep relaxation and mantra recitation. 

Our flow singing bowls are available in a range of sizes and notes. Click on any of the bowls below to find out more.

Why Choose Tibet Shop Sydney?

  1. Quality Control: We pick and play each bowl ourselves
  2. No Surprises: What you see is what you get. We take photos and videos of every single bowl
  3. Authentic: Genuine, hand hammered Himalayan Singing Bowls
  4. Fair price & Fast delivery
Contemporary Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowl