Collection: Tibetan Herbal Incense

Tibetan herbal incense is perfect for the well being of both body and mind. They are often used to purify the home and environment.

Burning incense is an important part of Tibetan culture and is used to enhance relaxation and meditation. Tibetan incense is different from others in that it is made from a blend of different precious woods and natural herbs.

Our selection of Tibetan herbal incense is made by hand using old Buddhist formulas under the direction of Tibetan monks. They are made in our small workshop in Nepal. 

Medicinal Herbs being dried in the sun to make Tibetan incense
(Image: Medicinal herbs and woods being dried before being ground and made into incense at our workshop. To learn more about how our Tibetan incense is made, read our blog post here. ) 
Tibetan herbal incense rolled up and drying in the sun at Kunga's Uncle's Factory