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Tsering's Incense

Tsering's Incense

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"Tsering's incense is made by family in Nepal. My Pala (Dad) started the business in the mid 90s, operating his 'factory' at our garage. He wasn't sure what to call the incense and so the teenage me suggested that he name it after my brother and I (Like many Tibetans, we don't have a family name between generations. But both my brother and I share the same surname). And so Tsering's Incense was born. We had two other family friends help in the afternoons, and that was it. The recipe for the incense was developed by Pala after consulting a few senior Tibetan monks and looking at what ingredients could be sourced consistently and reliably.

Since then, Pala has retired and the incense is now made by Kunga's Uncle in Nepal on his request, using the same recipe. Pala still takes great pride in his brand of Tibetan incense and says it is perfect as an offering or even (mundanely) as a room freshener."

- Dhondup. 

  • Each stick burns for approximately 70 minutes. 
  • Made in Nepal.

Caution: Keep incense out of reach of children and pets and away from all flammable material. Never leave burning incense unattended.

This packet of incense does not include a stick holder.

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