How to Take Care of Your Singing Bowls

How to Take Care of Your Singing Bowls

Cleaning your bowl

Tibet Shop Sydney stocks old and contemporary singing bowls. As a general rule, we recommend that you use warm water and a soft cloth to clean your bowls (you can also use a bit of mild dishwashing liquid if you like) . We like our bowls to maintain their look and feel, especially when they are old and have great character. After all, the marks and patina are all part of what makes the bowl so special.

We don’t recommend scouring and using abrasives to clean them. Some like to cleanse and polish their bowls, but then once again it comes down to individual choice. (We ourselves would never do that to an old or antique bowl ourselves. Also, note that this could potentially affect the tone of your bowls).

Display and storage

Keep your bowls stored in cool and dry place at your home. We have ours in our shrine and bedrooms. Singing bowl cushions also help with storage and presentation. By keeping your bowls in a place that is visible, it is also highly like that they are more likely to be played regularly.

For those with several bowls, it is ok to nest them one another. However, make sure that they comfortably fit inside one another. You can also use a soft cloth, foam or other cushioning material to separate individual bowls.


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