Losar Greetings from Tibet Shop Sydney

Losar Greetings from Tibet Shop Sydney

Lo - Year, Sar - New

Losar is our favourite time of the year and is celebrated by Tibetans, Bhutanese, and certain Nepalese people (including Sherpas) all around the world. This year will be 2146 in the Tibetan calendar, and is the year of the pig (see characteristics of the animal zodiac in Wikipedia). Festivities usually last for three days and will be celebrated from February 5-8 this year.

Around this time, the famous cham mask dances are also performed by Tibetan monks to ward off evil spirits and bring in good luck. The first two weeks of the new year is a good time to change prayer flags, and people usually get up early on the first day to go and visit the temple and their root gurus. 

Tibet Shop Sydney wishes you the the very best and convey our Tashi Delek for the new year. 

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