Mini Treasure Chests

Mini Treasure Chests

 Dear Friends,

We are very pleased to bring to you our latest collection of mini treasure chests. We have always been very interested in traditional Tibetan art and chest boxes like these are often used as a safe to store one's most precious items whether that be Dharma items or even something more mundane as important papework and possessions.

Such chests have been made with great patience and love at our own workshop in Nepal. We have both Nepalese and Tibetan artisans that work together to create beautiful pieces, one at a time. The artists take great pride in their work which is refreshing in our current age of 'instant everything' and 3D printing.

These chests feature traditional motifs such as lotuses, dragons, jewels and more that have deep meaning and are embedded in Buddhist philosophy. We have tried to describe them as best as we can here in a few lines, but feel that we will fall short.

We at Tibet Shop Sydney hope you enjoy browsing through our collection. Currently, we have 9 different designs available and it is our hope to expand on this in the near future. See the collection at the link below:

Best wishes,
Dhondup + Kunga.
Tibet Shop Sydney

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