Oiling Bodhi Eye Malas

Oiling Bodhi Eye Malas

Bodhi seed mala beads are amongst the most beautiful and spiritually powerful malas available in our store. They come from the Bodhicitta bush, that is indigenous to Nepal and the Himalayan region and are prized for the distinct eye patterns on them. In the last 5 years, the price of Bodhi beads have dropped dramatically as these are now even grown commercially.

However, like many seed and wood malas, they may dry out on contact with water. We noticed that this tends to happen with phoenix eye Bodhi mala beads in particular. 

Bodhi mala dried out

If this happens to your mala, it is very easy to restore it back to its original condition. 

Oiling Your Bodhi Seed Mala 

1. Add a few drops of oil to the palm of your hand and rub it in (olive oil works well and everyone has a bottle in their kitchen). You don't need a lot and less is more on this occasion.

Very little olive oil in hands

2. Massage the oil on the bodhi mala for 1 minute

Rubbing oil on mala

3. Let it dry out on a paper towel for 5 minutes... and that is it.

Shiny bodhi mala after applying oil
Bodhi mala drying on paper towel
All done! Bodhi mala on wrist

Over time, as you use the mala and count mantras, the oils from your fingers will rub on to the beads and this will become less of a problem. Our recommendation is to avoid contact with water where possible. This way you Bodhi Seed Mala Beads will remain in their original pristine condition with minimal maitenance. 

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