Our Largest Singing Bowl EVER!!!

Our Largest Singing Bowl EVER!!!

Tibet Shop Sydney has just acquired a special, one-off XL Tibetan singing bowl that is set to impress. Weighing almost 13 kgs and 55 cms in diameter, the bowl is large enough for people to stand in and feel vibrations enter from the soles of their feet.

The sound from this bowl is gong-like and will make a beautiful addition for collectors and enthusiasts. In the video below, you can see just how strong and effective this bowl is as the rim vibrates.


  • Base note - Re# (D#) 38 Hz
  • High note - La (A) 113 Hz
  • Diameter: 55 cms
  • Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Chakra: Sacral / Third eye 

To see more, visit the product page here.

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