hands repairing mala beads

Our Mala Repair Service

Dear Customers and Friends,

We are very pleased to announce that we (i.e. Kunga) will be offering a mala restring and repair service. We understand that malas hold sentimental value for many. The repair service includes:

  • Restring old malas
  • Offer a choice of cord colours and knots (e.g. stretchy or adjustable mala bracelets)
  • Replace any missing beads (subject to availability)
  • (We can also make the malas if you'd like to design your own, supply the beads and require us to string them)

Our intention is to use the money gathered from the service for a 'good purpose'.  At this stage, we just don't know, but do have a few ideas.

If you are interested in our Mala repair service, please go here and book your repair. Most of the time, we are able to complete repairs within a week before sending the malas back to you.

Tibet Shop Sydney.

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