Our Rudraksha Malas

Our Rudraksha Malas

Have you seen our Rudraksha Malas?

The word Rudraksha translates as ‘Shiva’s Tears’. The story goes that there was a demon called Tripura Sur who gained so much power that it could become invisible. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and other Gods went to Lord Shiva for help. They asked him to control the devil and conquer him.

Shiva then used his most fierce fire weapon to destroy the demon. But he knew about the devastating effect of this weapon and this brought tears to his eyes. A few of these tears fell on the earth…Wherever his tears fell, trees grew. These trees are what we call Rudraksha, meaning ‘Tears of Lord Shiva’.

Another story mentions that Shiva once meditated with the intention of bringing happiness to all sentient beings. When he finished his session, tears of joy fell down from his cheek to the earth. Rudraksha trees grew wherever these drops touched the ground.

Painting of Lord Shiva

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