Our Small Tara Singing Bowls

Our Small Tara Singing Bowls

A few months ago, we started stocking small Tara singing bowls. They've been one of our most popular items and we've received great feedback about these bowls from our customers.

The sound from these Tibetan singing bowls is anything but small. These bowls have aged very well, are extremely well made and the sound they produce is clean, soothing and pure. Due to the size and high tone from these bowls, they are very effective for working the upper chakras (throat, third eye and crown).

Yesterday, we filled one of these bowls with water to show you the intensity of vibrations and the quality of these bowls. Of course, these bowls are smaller and so you don't really get the full fountain effect as you might have seen in our larger Compassion bowl. But still, given the size of the bowl, the Fountain effect is still very much there and impressive. 

A small singing bowl (Tara or contemporary) will be an excellent addition to your collection of larger bowls. See our range of small Tara Tibetan singing bowls on our website.

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