Our Serenity Singing Bowls

Our Serenity Singing Bowls

Today, I thought I'd write a short note on two very special Tibetan singing bowls that we have added on to our website. These two singing bowls were sourced from a trip in February 2019. Our 2 Serenity Bowls are the most amazing singing bowls that I have heard so far. What I love most about the two bowls is just how serene and soothing the sound is. As these bowls are among the oldest we have in stock, their tone has well and truly matured. You can notice straight away when you strike the bowl with a felt mallet. The bowl has a very long decay and you can feel the strong vibrations on your hands. I also prefer larger bowls that sound low, whilst not being too heavy to place on my body. These bowls tick both the boxes here.

A few days ago, I put the bowl up on my chest (one at a time) as I lay is shivasana. * On striking the bowl with a felt mallet, I could feel the vibrations enter my chest and resonate right up to my ears. I fall short of words, but the sound was amazing and so full. It was like being enveloped in the sound of Om. I have shared a video below of me relaxing with said singing bowl. 

Such antique bowls are quite difficult to source. However, I am just happy that we got two of them in stock right here in Australia, that we can proudly offer to our customers. 



Serenity Bowl #1

Serenity Bowl #2

Update: 26 April 2019. Our serenity bowl #1 has already been sold.

*Please note singing bowl bodywork might not be suitable for people with ongoing medical conditions such as nervous disorders, heart conditions, etc. In these cases, it is best to seek medical advice and clearance prior to placing the bowls on your body. 

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