Singing Bowl FAQs for Beginners

Singing Bowl FAQs for Beginners

Many of our Himalayan singing bowl customers purchase their first bowl from us. This is a huge honour for us, as it allows us to be a part of their journey into these wonderful instruments. In this post, we address some of the most common questions that we get asked.

  • What type of bowl should I buy?
    For beginners, we suggest bowls that are easy to play, responsive and have good vibrations. Bowls that we suggest include Tara, Remuna and Contemporary bowls, 15 cms and above. A bowl smaller than this will have weaker vibrations and impact. Weight is also important, if you intend to play the bowl on your hand over extended periods of time. You’d need really strong arms for some of the larger/heavier bowls!

  • What is the difference between the Tara, Remuna and Contemporary bowls?
    Tara bowls are our most popular bowls and are old, and relatively lighter in weight. Contemporary bowls are new and very popular because of their long sustain and strong vibrations. Remuna bowls are close cousins of the Tara bowls, except that they are the lightest in what we offer. All our singing bowls are hand hammered.
  • Do you offer a free cushion? What about a free playing mallet?
    Our preference over the years has been to lay out our bowls on a yoga mat (something with a good grip) and play them. We do not offer free cushions, unless where mentioned, to keep our costs low.
    We do however provide a free playing mallet. Most need a mallet to sound a bowl! A hardwood mallet with a suede leather end is provided free of charge with all our bowls.
  • Are the video and photos shown for this bowl the same as what I will be getting?
    Yes, we take photos and videos of every singing bowl and then put them online. What you see is what you get.
  • This is my first bowl. What note should I get?
    This comes down purely to personal preference. The best example I can think of is that of a piano, and having to choose one key whose sound appeals the most to you. We suggest you listen to the bowls and pick one with which you feel a strong connection. Singing bowls are associated with chakras as well, and some of our customers choose their bowls to match certain chakras that they wish to work on.
  • What our chakras and what do singing bowls have to do with chakras?
    We have a blog post about this. Read more here.
  • Are your singing bowls blessed or from a monastery?
  • Why are your singing bowls so expensive?
    Every singing bowl we have in stock has been individually picked by us and hand hammered by skilled artisans. We pick the best singing bowls that are fit for purpose. Our bowls are simple and sober, with minimal decoration…. And they sound amazing! Some of our special singing bowls are old, rare and prized by collectors everywhere. We don’t see any point in making sourcing trips and then choosing inferior quality products to sell and pay import charges for.
  • Why are your singing bowls so cheap?
    We are a wife and husband team operating from home. We keep our costs low so that we can pass on the savings to our customers. We do all the marketing, web content, photography, sourcing, etc ourselves.
  • I need further assistance choosing a bowl. Can you please help?
    Sure. Please fill in our Contact form or reach out to us via Live Chat. We will be happy to talk and help you out.

Happy browsing and we hope that you find the find the perfect first bowl on our website.

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