Tibetan Singing Bowls and Yoga

Tibetan Singing Bowls and Yoga

For many years, Tibetan singing bowls have been used by Yogis as part of their practice. Modern yoga studios often play singing bowls to indicate the start of a practice, help sink into Savasana or signal the end of a meditation session. Sound baths are also very popular amongst many yogis as they absorb the healing sounds and vibrations emitted by the bowls.

The sounds and subtle overtones emitted by singing bowls gently enter one’s body/mind and help promote an understanding of the different poses. Tibetan singing bowls are particularly well suited for yoga as they help one focus on their practice, cut through mind chatter ('monkey mind') and internalise the practice.

As a tool, they are also highly effective for deep contemplation. The sound of the bowls are said to resonate with that of the universe (‘Om’) and can therefore help one feel connected with their surroundings. Through regular practice, the bowls can also transform one's spiritual journey by orienting our lives towards doing good and being more compassionate - which is expressed as harmony between the outer and inner self.

Singing bowls are also attuned to different chakras of the body, and can help remove any blockages, thereby promoting the free flow of energy. Many people often mention the connection and energy they feel when a singing bowl is played close to their body.

However, at the same time it is important to use the bowl as a point of focus and to make sure that the bowls are not too intrusive or disruptive during yoga sessions. Some people also don’t feel very comfortable with high tones, especially when played from smaller machined bowls.

We would suggest that you become familiar with the sound of your bowl so that you know when to play it and what sound to expect.

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