Why Choose Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowls?

Why Choose Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowls?

If you are looking to buy a quality Tibetan Singing Bowl in Australia, then you’re at the right place!

Tibet Shop Sydney stocks a range of Tibetan singing bowls for our customers to see and listen to. All our bowls are hand-hammered and we DO NOT sell any machined bowls. We believe that hand-hammered bowls are more suitable for the purposes that the bowls are used for, and that there is more care and love needed to produce such quality bowls.

Here are our three main reasons why we stock only handmade singing bowls.

  1. Hand Hammered bowls are easier to play and carry

Handmade bowls are lighter than machine-made bowls and are easier to play. If you compare the ‘tourist’ grade machined bowls with hand hammered bowls, you will easily notice the difference in weight. They are also easier to play and very responsive to touch

2. Hand Hammered bowls have character

These bowls are made by skilled Himalayan artisans, one hammer stroke at a time. The skills needed to produce such bowls are often passed down from generation to generation and artisans take great pride in their work. We believe this personal touch is lost when it comes to machine-made bowls.


3. Better Aesthetics

    Hand Hammered bowls offer great aesthetics and re-inforce ‘wabi-sabi’. We think the hammer marks, patina and imperfect circular shape (most noticeable around the rim) of the bowl adds to the aesthetics of the bowl

        New Singing Bowls

        New singing bowls these days can often be well made. However, there is a great range in quality available. We find that the sound from these bowls lack warmth or any real depth to it. This becomes very apparent when you play an old and a new bowl side by side. Therefore, we have decided to focus on quality and stock hand hammered bowls only.


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