Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, we thought we’d share some gift ideas with you. In this blog post, we’ve featured some of our most popular and exciting products, including our exclusive gift box, natural 108 mala beads, hand hammered singing bowls and other new items we’ve added.
We’ve chosen the products below to fit all budgets, and hopefully there’s something for everyone, including those that may be participating in Secret Santas with friends, family and colleagues.

Up to $25

  • Our mandala talismans have been blessed by Tibetan monks and can be worn around the neck, kept in a pocket or purse, at home or hung in the car. $15
  • Variety pack of 5 Tibetan incense. Our incense sticks have been made at Kunga’s Uncle’s workshop in Nepal using recipes found in ancient Buddhist scriptures. $22.50
  • Prayer flags, including our popular Chakra Affirmation flags ($15) and wind horse prayer flags. $10/15
  • Hand Crafted OM Wall Hangings in Tibetan and Devanagari scripts $20
  • 3 metal braided bracelet, Compassion Bracelets (Om Mani Padme Hung) in various colours - $25

$Up to $50

Up to $150

$150 and over

  • Original Mandala Paintings by Nepalese thanka painters. We have one fine art grade, original Kalachakra mandala painting for $680.
  • Singing Bowls, including our Collector's, Contemporary, Tara and Low Sounding bowls
We at Tibet Shop Sydney wish you all the best for the holiday season and a happy new year. We look forward to being of service to you in 2021.

Gifts for Holidays all wrapped up

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