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19 cms Easy Play Singing Bowl – F3 175 Hz

19 cms Easy Play Singing Bowl – F3 175 Hz

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In February 2024, we managed to source very high-quality singing bowls and were impressed by their exquisite sound and quality craftsmanship. Introducing our new 'Easy Play' Tibetan singing bowls, embodying all the characteristics of a high-quality bowl:

  • They are incredibly responsive and easy to ring, making them ideal for first-time buyers.
  • The sound they produce is exceptional, with a rich sustain and harmonious overtones
  • These bowls are lightweight and highly portable.
  • Hand-hammered in Nepal, they boast a stunning golden matte finish.

Each bowl includes a complimentary hardwood ringing stick of suitable size so you can start playing right away.

Item Specifications

  • Base note - F6, 175 Hz
  • High note - B4, 485 Hz
  • Diameter: 19 cms, Height: 8.5 cms
  • Weight: 1023 g
  • Chakra: Heart and Crown  chakras

Video: Playing the Bowl

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