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8 Auspicious Symbols Silver Pendant

8 Auspicious Symbols Silver Pendant

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Material: Silver and turquoise 

Handmade in Nepal 

Approx. 35 mm diameter

The Eight Auspicious Symbols in Tibetan Buddhism

These symbols are commonly featured in Tibetan art and are often placed in front of altars in Tibetan households.

  1. Parasol: Symbolises the wholesome activity of protecting all sentient beings from suffering and the causes of suffering
  2. Pair of Golden Fish: Represents the freeing of one's mind from all attachment, thereby leading to enlightenment and spiritual liberation
  3. Treasure Vase: Long life, wealth and prosperity
  4. Conch: Symbolises spiritual awakening and the spreading of the Dharma
  5. White Lotus: Represents the purity of one's body, speech and mind and the true nature of the human mind
  6. Infinity Knots: Represents the boundless nature of knowledge and the enlightened mind of the Buddha
  7. Victory Banner: Victory over death, pride, ignorance and other negativity
  8. Dharma Wheel: Represents the spread of the Buddha's teachings and the eight-fold path
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