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8” Gold Plated Buddha Shakyamuni Statue

8” Gold Plated Buddha Shakyamuni Statue

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This beautiful statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is made of copper and has been gold plated using traditional casting techniques. His robes feature intricate carving work. Please note that the base of the statue has a removable plate so that it can be consecrated. 

A statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is a most auspicious present to gift on an important occasion (such as a wedding or new home) or to keep at home on your altar. Placing such a statue at home maintains positive and harmonious vibes.

About Buddha Shakyamuni

Shakyamuni is the historical Buddha that spread the Dharma throughout the world. Through his living, he demonstrated that one can achieve enlightenment in just a single lifetime, and break free from the suffering of cyclic existence. He is the source of limitless compassion and loving kindness for all those that are seeking liberation from samsara.

Care Instructions

Never touch the face of the statue as your fingers will place dirt marks and wipe off the gold painting. Use a dry, soft cloth to clean the body/base of the statue. 

Item Details:

  • Height: 22 cm
  • Material: Copper with gold plating
  • Weight: 1.627 gm
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Wooden throne/stand not included
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