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Collector’s High Tone Mani Bowl

Collector’s High Tone Mani Bowl

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This beautiful bowl antique singing bowl was specially handpicked by Master Thonla from Dharma Sound Institute (Italy) for us. We had been searching for such a bowl for the last 2 years, and we finally found one that we love.

Featuring an extra thick rim and a very flat base, this bowl is heavy and weighs a solid 2.4 kgs. It also shows signs of its age and the base of the bowl has been well and truly worn. However, this does not impact its sound quality or tone, and the bowl retains any water overnight when filled.

This bowl has a pure and very high tone for its size, and a long sustain. It also rings loudly when a heavy mallet is pressed and rubbed around the rim.


  • Fundamental note - Do (C) 517 hz
  • high note - Fa(F) 1402 Hz
  • Diameter: 18 cms. Height: 11 cms
  • Weight: 2112 g 

Sound Sample and Video

Mani Bowl and Small Tara Bowl 

Here is the Old Mani Bowl being played next to a small Tara bowl (sold separately) that weighs less than 500 grams.Small Tara bowl is not included and shown here for a comparison of the 2 bowls' pitches/tones only.

This bowl is sold as a gift set with a free cushion and playing mallet, as pictured. 

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