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108 beads Citrine Mala

108 beads Citrine Mala

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Citrine malas, with their sunny yellow stones, are popular tools for meditation. Believed to hold the warmth of the sun, citrine is said to energize and cleanse. During meditation, some use the mala's 108 beads to focus, counting each bead with a mantra (a repeated sound or phrase) for calmness and clarity.

Citrine's properties are said to promote feelings of joy, abundance, and creativity, making it ideal for manifesting goals or overcoming negativity. Whether you hold the mala or simply wear it nearby, its golden energy is thought to bring a brighter outlook to your meditation practice.

This mala is perfect to accompany your meditation or yoga practice, and can even be worn as a beautiful necklace. As a sober stone mala with minimal decoration, it can also be used for mantra recitation and meditation. 

  • 108 natural 7-8 mm beads
  • Hand Assembled in Nepal on durable cord
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