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Collector’s High Tone Mani Bowl - C#5 546 Hz

Collector’s High Tone Mani Bowl - C#5 546 Hz

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This beautiful and rare Mani singing bowl was specially handpicked by us from a group of exceptional and high quality Himalayan bowls. Such bowls have been skilfully crafted to produce a high, pure and intense tone. Such pieces are prized by singing bowl collectors and enthusiasts everywhere. Featuring an extra thick rim and a very flat base, this bowl is heavy and solid, for its size. 

This Mani bowl in particular is special as it is very responsive and easy to play. When played, this bowl rings out loud and clear, and fills the room with its pure tone. Such bowls can be used in sound baths and when working with the upper chakras in a healing session. Due to their pleasant tone, they are also ideal for mindfulness and meditation. 

This bowl is sold as a gift set and includes a free cushion and hardwood ringing stick.

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  • Fundamental note - C#5 546 Hz
  • High note - F#6 1461 Hz
  • Diameter: 14.5 cms. Height: 9.5 cms
  • Weight: 1660 g 

Sound Sample and Video

HD Audio (Please use Headphones)

Video: Playing the Bowl
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