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Collector's Buddha Singing Bowl - Base Note F4 (339 Hz)

Collector's Buddha Singing Bowl - Base Note F4 (339 Hz)

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Unusual, old and rare, this special singing bowl reminds us of an alms bowl carried by Buddhist monks. Note that we have only managed to source only a handful of such bowls in the last 6 years that could be rung. Decoration on this bowl has been kept to a minimum and its patina has aged beautifully.

This bowl is responsive and sings beautifully when rubbed. It has a beautiful and golden fundamental sound with well-balanced and harmonic overtones. All our singing bowls are provided as is and come with a free playing mallet.

Item Specs:

  • Base note - F4 339 Hz
  • High note - B5, 961 Hz
  • Rim Diameter: 14 cms, Height: 11 cms
  • Weight: 576 g 
  • Chakra: Suitable for the upper chakras

Sound Sample and Video 

HD Audio Snippet: Please use Headphones

Video: Playing the Bowl

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