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Tibetan Folding Table - Snow Lion

Tibetan Folding Table - Snow Lion

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Beautiful and Functional 

This beautiful traditional Tibetan folding table has been made with great skill, love and care at our workshop in Nepal. Traditional Tibetan pieces like this are the antithesis of modern assembled furniture. These take about a month to make, are filled with intricate carvings/design, made from solid wood and require no assembly/tools.

Tibetan carpenters take great pride in their work. Usually, they are involved in all aspects of furniture making including carpentry/joinery, wood carving and painting. Another hallmark of Tibetan furniture is the minimal use of nails and screws. This table might also be the easiest piece of furniture that you have ever assembled.

We were drawn to this particular piece because of its use of vibrant colours and its beautiful fold. In fact, one might actually mistaken this table for a wood carving to hang on the wall. It features traditional Tibetan motifs such as the endless knot, dharma wheel and auspicious symbols. At the centre of the front panel are a pair of snow lions guarding a precious wish fulfilling jewel. Snow lions are mythical animals and appear as a national emblem on the Tibetan flag as well as historical Tibetan currency. They represent Tibet's victorious accomplishment of a unified spiritual and secular life. The roar of the snow lion embodies the sound of emptiness and awakens us from our ignorance and delusion. 

Specifications: Tibetan Table with Traditional Designs 

  • Handcrafted from solid wood with intricate designs
  • Beautiful fold into one single piece
  • Assemble in <10 seconds with 0 tools required. Unfold the sides and put the holder levers in place.
  • 72 cms (w) x 39 cms (l) x 40 cms  (h)

How to Assemble the Table in 30 Seconds

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