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Custom Lapis Lazuli Mala

Custom Lapis Lazuli Mala

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This custom lapis lazuli mala has been designed and strung by Kunga. It features original/undyed lapis lazuli beads with coral (compressed) and Dzi spacer beads.

Lapis and Other Gemstones 

Lapis Lazuli is the colour of the Medicine Buddha, and is well-known as a healing stone that resonates with both the third eye and throat chakras. It is distinguished by its deep blue colour and golden veins that run through the stone. Coral is widely featured in traditional Tibetan jewellery and is also used as a talisman. Finally, this mala contains a dzi bead which is the most precious of all gemstones in Tibet. In fact, Dzi beads can be seen adorning statues and religious objects in Tibet. 

About this Custom Lapis Lazuli Mala

This lapis lazuli mala is made up of 108 high quality and natural beads and is approximately 40 cms in length when worn. To some, it might appear that the lapis beads in this mala are dull, but we prefer it this way in its original and untreated state. 

  • Custom lapis lazuli mala made with 7-8 mm beads
  • Original deep blue lapis colour (undyed)
  • Designed and assembled by Kunga/Tibet Shop Sydney 
  • Free mala bag for safe keeping. 

We also have a simple/plain lapis lazuli mala made of the same beads online. View here.

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