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Knotted Ebony and Sandalwood mala

Knotted Ebony and Sandalwood mala

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Designed by Kunga and exclusive to Tibet Shop Sydney. This 108-bead mala features 7-8mm ebony wood and sandalwood beads. We chose this combination as they have been sacred in India and the rest of Asia for a long time.

Sandalwood is often found in incense and burned as an offering in both Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It is believed to help achieve mental clarity and has been used in religious ceremonies and mediation for hundreds of years.  Ebony is a symbol of balance, purity, power and protection. This wood is extremely durable and often used for wood carvings in ancient Indian temples.

  • Exclusive to Tibet Shop Sydney
  • Features a Vajra to represent one's spiritual journey/power in the Guru bead
  • 7-8 ebony and sandalwood beads
  • Hand knotted on durable cord in Nepal
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