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Round Tiger Tooth and Lotus Dzi Bead

Round Tiger Tooth and Lotus Dzi Bead

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This is a special, contemporary agate Dzi bead that has been sourced by our team. It is a high quality early 90s replica of the ancient round lotus and tiger tooth dzi bead, and has well-defined patterns and lines. The surface is smooth to touch and the condition of the bead is good. The bead is complimented by two natural black onyx beads. 

Dzi beads usually adorn deities in Tibetan Buddhism and are worn as an amulet. The specific origins of such beads are still a mystery, and these were usually found by animal herders and farmers in ancient Tibet.

The lotus is a very important symbol in Buddhism, representing the purity of body, speech and mind, as if floating above the muddy waters of ego and self-grasping.

This bead is approximately 20 mms in length. 

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