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Small Himalayan Quartz Crystal Vajra

Small Himalayan Quartz Crystal Vajra

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The Vajra, a symbolic thunderbolt, represents the mind’s diamond-like wisdom and unwavering strength in Tibetan Buddhism. It represents the indestructible nature of enlightenment, and a mind that can cut through illusions and ignorance. It has been used for centuries across Buddhist traditions for meditation, protection and channelling positive energy. Various Buddhist deities (Vajrapani, Guru Rinpoche, Vajrayogini, etc) can be seen holding a vajra which symbolises their ability to overcome obstacles through their unwavering mind.

This beautiful artefact has been carved out of Nepalese quartz crystal. It is cool and solid to touch and has been weighted/balanced to use during meditation and rituals. The finishing is smooth and luminous, and a powerful crystal cut to a Vajra made perfect sense to us.

Item Specifications

  • Carved in Nepal from Quartz Crystal
  • Smooth, high quality finish
  • Small: 10 cms long, 3.5 cms wide, 95 grams in weight (approx.)
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