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Honey Amber Mala

Honey Amber Mala

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Amber mala beads are prized for their warmth and natural beauty. Amber is fossilised tree resin, varying in shades from brown to yellow. It is highly prized as a gemstone, and used in jewellery and craftwork. 

Amber is also used in malas as it is believed to help pacify the mind, offer protection from negative energies and help heal. This beautiful mala is made from honey amber, which can be identified by its warmer and deep yellow shade. Each bead has its own unique design, showcasing the beauty and individuality of nature.

Many Tibetan Buddhists prefer to use gemstone malas like this as they are often part of one's mandala offering during practice. Whether you're experienced in meditation or just starting out, amber mala beads can help you deepen your practice and connect with your true nature.

Amber Mala Beads with Dziri

  • Made from smooth and warm honey amber 
  • 8 mm beads
  • Approx 40 cms long
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