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Small (13 cms high) Infinity Knot Wooden Wall Hanging

Small (13 cms high) Infinity Knot Wooden Wall Hanging

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Infinity/Endless Knot Wall Hanging made with Wood.

The endless/infinity knot is one of the most important Buddhist icons and has various meanings assigned to it. As an example, the intertwining of knots indicate Samsara and the endless cycle of suffering birth, death and rebirth. It also indicates the interdependent nature of all sentient beings on this planet. With no clear end and beginning, the icon also symbolises the wisdom of the Buddha.

This wall hanging has been carved by skilled artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal using traditional techniques that have been passed across generations. This region is well known for their woodwork which can be seen in traditional architecture as well as temples and shrines.

  • Item size: 13 cms high x 10 cms wide
  • Handmade and Painted in Nepal
  • Fitted with a steel O ring to mount against nails and hooks.
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